Current Projects

The Town of Yarrow, where Lily lives - in progress!

The Town of Yarrow, where Lily lives - in progress!

Currently I'm working on . . . 

Lily Silverclaw

Lily can’t wait to attend Sage Academy—the best engineering school for prairie dogs--and become an inventor like her great-grandfather. She just discovered how to turn milkweed sap into elastic, which will help the town fight coyotes, and help her get into Sage—guaranteed. When she finds out only Master Engineers can make new inventions, she’s got it covered; she camouflages the elastic for her admission entry. Things don't quite go as planned, though, and Lily finds herself in a pack of trouble.

Now discredited, no one believes Lily when she discovers the coyotes are preparing to launch an attack on the town. She has to use her ingenuity and gather her newfound friends to save the town. Can she figure out how to stop the coyotes? Can she do it in time? Or will Lily and her friends become a delicious coyote snack?