Taking a unique approach to a fascinating region of the United States, this activity guide looks at the underlying processes that have shaped the Eastern Coast. Beginning with the connection between geology and geography, the chapters move into a discussion of plate tectonics and landforms such as the Appalachian Mountains, Piedmont area, and Coastal Plains. The aspects of climate, rivers and lakes, and the ecosystems of the temperate forest and wetlands—including bayous and the Everglades—are covered in detail. Engaging sidebars explain why the New River is one of the oldest in the world, how once-endangered alligators are now thriving, how hurricanes form, and more. Combining fun facts with hands-on experiments, this handbook features projects such as building folded mountains, creating dissolving “corals,” and making an eye of a storm.


"Packed with information covering topics such as plate tectonics, mountain ranges, earthquakes, climate, plains, rivers, and ecosystems, this book teaches students so much about geology, physical geography, and how the earth was formed." —

"Another fine addition to Nomad Press' Build It Yourself series. . . . It starts with a beautifully lucid explanation of plate tectonics, and then moves into the formation of the Appalachian mountains, touching on earthquakes, and fossil fuels. . . . It is really the best geology book for 8-10 year old kids I've read." —

"Complementing the information-filled text, sidebars, and charts are such nifty projects as make your own lighthouse, make your own hurricane, create folded mountains, and discover the effects of an oil spill." —Calliope (October 2012)