Venturing through two of the most diverse and fascinating regions of North America, these activity books combine the subjects of geology and physical geography while making them captivating and fun. With a different approach, this series reveals the underlying processes for kids, explaining each region’s evolution and illustrating the different forces of nature that have changed the continent over time. The lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, the dry and arid deserts of the Southwest, and even the volcanoes and rainforests of Hawaii are all explored in detail as the chapters chronicle the effects of plate tectonics; landforms such as mountains, plateaus, and canyons; and the elements of climates and ecosystems. A plethora of hands-on projects ensure the learning process is both engaging and entertaining, including making a swamp cooler, creating a rift zone, building a seismograph, constructing basalt columns and water wheels to harness the power of a river, fashioning moving tectonic plates, and even mimicking nature’s process of carving an arch.


"This is a geology book, but more importantly, this is a project book about the southwestern United States. The book will work well for both science and social studies." —

"Geography is addressed from the standpoint of climate influences, natural resources, and the unique relationship that people have with the southwest desert. The focus on a specific geologic area lends an intimate view of geology, creating a strong sense of place. . . . A student with a keen interest in geology or geography will find that it yields refreshing detail that general texts do not cover." — (December 2011)